Jump Start Your Job Search with GoinGlobal

GoinGlobal’s exclusive H-1B Plus database provides millions of H-1B visa application records for American employers interested in hiring international talent. Utilizing U.S. Department of Labor records, GoinGlobal’s proprietary search engine allows users to identify positions, locations, and salary ranges based on company name, occupation, industry, and job title. The H-IB database can also be used to identify American employers who have a pattern of hiring international professionals with specific skills, enabling you to search for similar opportunities in GoinGlobal’s job database. GoinGlobal’s H-1B visa application records now track back to 2010 for a historical understanding of U.S. employers who have a pattern of hiring international talent.

Global Job and Internship Search gives you access to over 16 million worldwide job and internship postings that are updated daily and can be searched in the local language as well as in English. Automatic translation allows users to experience GoinGlobal in more than 50 languages. Expand your employer outreach and increase your corporate contacts with the Employer Directory, a directory of more than 450,000 worldwide employers and networking leads in more than 193 countries. New guides have been added for 25 major metropolitan markets around the world. Get free access to GoinGlobal through the “Resources” tab in connectSC.

Published on March 7th, 2019

Last updated on September 7th, 2022