Viterbi Summer Institute!

April 11, 2019

The Viterbi Summer Institute (VSI) is a high-achievement program designed to enhance the transition to USC for engineering students from underrepresented backgrounds. VSI participants. These incoming Viterbi freshmen will stay on campus, participate in short courses, student success  workshops, team building exercises, and a collaborative research project.

One of the most valuable experiences to participants is the research component. We are looking for short-term research projects for groups of 2-4 students who will work together. The dates of the research component are Tuesday, July 9th to Thursday, August 1st (Mondays–Fridays, 2-6 p.m.).

We are looking for graduate students who are enthusiastic and approachable, work well with younger college students, and  are interested in helping to mentor and guide the students with this project.   Eligible students must be currently working on a research project as a researcher or research assistant at USC. RAs are eligible to participate in the program as long as their appointments are 50% or less. The pay rate is $25 an hour for a twenty hour work week.

Attached is the memo that was sent to all Viterbi faculty a few weeks ago. If you are interested, please discuss with your faculty advisor. Upon their approval, email Traci Thomas Navarro at

MEMO 2019 Viterbi Summer Institute Research

Published on April 11th, 2019

Last updated on April 11th, 2019