Course Registration

Registrations in courses are done through the University systems but access and approvals will be different. Please see the important sections below for additional information based on your course registration needs. Most courses need departmental clearance or D-Clearance. On campus students should contact their departmental advisor or request D-Clearance through DEN@Viterbi and Limited students should request D Clearance through our office, see sections below.

Please visit the USC Web Registration site for detailed information on how to register for courses, drop course, and more. All USC students (on campus, DEN@Viterbi, and Limited) must use the USC Web Registration system once approved for courses.

USC Web Registration Instructions

Things to do BEFORE you register for courses:

Follow these steps for a smooth DEN@Viterbi registration experience. If, at any time, you experience any difficulty in the registration process, please contact the GAPP Office and we will be happy to assist you.

  1. Create a DEN@Viterbi Profile. Newly Admitted DEN@Viterbi students should create a DEN@Viterbi Profile to gain access to courses and specific support for DEN@Viterbi students.
  2. Verify your registration appointment time. Check your permit to register on myUSC, Web Registration or on OASIS by clicking on Permit to Register.
    • If you have an active USC email account: You may access OASIS through myUSC using your USC email username and password.
    • If you do not have a USC email account: You may access OASIS directly using your 10-digit student number in 1234567890 format and enter your passcode. This is initially your date birth MMDDYY format. After you first login, the system will prompt you to create a password.
  3. View and clear any restrictions or holds before registering. Check OASIS for any additional restrictions or holds.
  4. Complete your Mandatory Training for Graduate Students
  5. Contact your academic advisors if necessary. Students with any specific degree completion questions, course specific or course credit questions should contact their Department Advisor.
  6. Request D-clearance for DEN@Viterbi courses. You must obtain D-clearance before you will be permitted to register for any DEN@Viterbi course. After your profile has been approved, log on to our course management system (username is full email address) and click on DEN@Viterbi tools to find the D-clearance link. Once your d-clearance has been reviewed and approved (you will receive an email), you can register for the course.  
  7. Register for courses. Please review the Web Registration Instructions prior to registering.
    • If you have an active USC email account: You may access Web Registration through myUSC using your USC email username and password.
    • If you do not have a USC email account: You may access Web Registration directly using your 10-digit student number in 1234567890 format and enter your passcode. This is initially your date birth MMDDYY format. After you first login, the system will prompt you to create a password.

Things to do AFTER you register for courses:

Now that you have successfully completed the registration process, here are a few final steps help to prepare you for the start of the semester.

  • Verify your registration. Check your registered course list link in OASIS or myUSC.
  • Check your billing balance and settle your tuition. Please check the academic calendar and be sure to settle your tuition on time to avoid late fees and penalties. Students can use to review current balances and pay online from OASIS. DEN@Viterbi students who have corporate reimbursement can also take advantage of DEN@Viterbi’s Tuition Deferment Program or Corporate Billing.
  • Check for required textbooks or software. You can view your Book List through OASIS or the Schedule of Classes in the Info column next to the course. You can purchase your textbooks through the USC Bookstore or any retailer of your choice.
  • Obtain your USC ID card. A USC ID card identifies you as a currently enrolled student and can also entitle your access to other privileges and potential uses on and off campus. You can request your USC ID card online by following visiting the USC Card website and entering these options when you are ready to upload your photo:
    • School/ Department or Special/Non-Credit Program: USC Viterbi School of Engineering
    • Status: Graduate Student
    • Where would you like to pick up your USCard?: Online Student
  • Accept the DEN Terms of Service. Login to DEN@Viterbi’s Course Management System and click on the “Accept DEN Terms of Service” link located in the DEN Tools section to trigger your course links to appear when DEN uploads registration information from the University. Course links will not appear until 2-3 days before the start of the semester.
If you are registered in an appropriate on campus section of a course supported through DEN@Viterbi, you will have access to the course via DEN’s course management system, including webcasts, course documents, and access to other interactive tools to communicate with your professor and other students.

Access Instructions for On Campus Students


Step 1: In order to view your archived lectures via DEN, all you need to do is register for your residential classes through the university. You do NOT need to request or create a profile for access since we automatically create your accounts based on your course registrations.

Please be sure to register for the ON-CAMPUS section of the course.
Off-campus sections are reserved for off-campus DEN students.

Step 2: After you’ve registered, an email will be sent to your USC e-mail account from DEN. It will have instructions for creating a password and logging into your DEN webpage.

If you did not receive a password, please visit this link and fill out the form (see sample below): Please use all lower case letters. Example:

Username: [Enter your full email address as the username]

Step 3: You will log onto DEN’s Course Management System in order to view the archived lecture of your courses. Many courses also ask on-campus students to download assignments and/or readings from DEN.

Step 4: Links to your registered courses will not appear on your DEN webpage until 2 days before the semester begins.

Step 5: Archived lectures are usually available one hour after class ends.

Step 6: DEN is a study-aid for on-campus students. VIEWING LECTURES ON DEN IS NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR ATTENDING CLASS.


International students attending USC on either an F or J visa are limited by the Department of Homeland Security SEVIS regulations to only one distance education off-campus course per fall or spring semester that will count toward the full-time enrollment requirement. Information about SEVIS is at

It is the responsibility of the international student to register in accordance with the SEVIS regulations. If you have any questions regarding your eligibility to enroll in an off-campus course, please contact the Office of International Services (OIS). OIS hours, location, and phone numbers are at

On Campus Students who need to register in DEN@Viterbi (online) sections of a course must get approval first. Submit your DEN Petition for on-campus students online.

Technical support information for DEN@Viterbi students and those registered in courses supported through DEN@Viterbi:
Technical Support Page
Tuition Refund Insurance is an optional insurance that students may purchase for a small fee during fall, spring and summer terms. It provides a refund of tuition and fees to a student who must withdraw from all classes due to an illness or accidental injury.

The Web Registration system automatically enrolls students in Tuition Refund Insurance. The student may decline Tuition Refund Insurance by clicking on the Tuition Refund Insurance tab in Web Registration and following the system prompts.

The deadline to purchase or decline Tuition Refund Insurance is stated in the Schedule of Classes Registration Calendar section.

Please visit our Tuition and Funding page for additional information including tuition and fees, funding opportunities, and students that receive financial support from their employers.

For a detailed breakdown of fees, please go to the Schedule of Classes.


Important deadlines for Spring 2018

Please see the Spring 2018 Registration Calendar for a complete list of deadlines.

Jan 5
Last day to register and pay without late fee

Jan 8
Spring semester classes begin

Jan 26

  • Last day to drop a class without a mark of “W,” except for Monday-only classes, and receive a 100% refund
  • Last day to register and add classes
  • Last day to change enrollment option to Pass/No Pass or Audit
  • Last day to purchase or waive tuition refund insurance
  • Deadline for purchasing or showing proof of health insurance

Jan 30

  • Last day to drop a Monday-only class without a mark of “W” and receive a 100% refund
  • Last day to change to Pass/No Pass course to letter grade

Feb 19
Presidents’ Day, university holiday

Feb 23
Last day to drop a class without a mark of “W” (no refund)

March 11-18
Spring recess

April 6
Last day to drop a class with a mark of “W”

April 27
Spring semester classes end

May 2-9
Final examinations

May 10
Spring semester ends