Career Success Navigator


To better serve our Graduate Alumni population, the Career Success Navigator provides a clear step by step process to help Alumni find job opportunities and further develop their career and professional growth.  The following process will provide you the tools to prepare, connect and succeed with locating employment opportunities related to your career goals. If you are a current graduate student, please download the iOS App or visit the web version here.  Please do not use this version as it was designed for Graduate Alumni Only.

  • Download the CSN Preparation Checklist
  • If you are a current PhD student or PhD Alumni or Post Doctoral student, you are automatically eligible to come to Drop-in and schedule an appointment on Viterbi Career Gateway.
  • If you are a current graduate student on-campus or DEN, please download the iOS app or use the web version for all other phones and desktops
  • Completing this process will provide you access to Viterbi Career Gateway to schedule an appointment.
  • Alumni are able to request phone, virtual, or in-person appointments.

CSN Preparation Checklist

After the completion of the CSN Preparation Checklist, the majority of Graduate Alumni will have a quality resume created, most of their questions answered, and fully prepared to apply for internship and job opportunities. If you still have questions after completing the CSN Preparation Checklist, you can request access to scheduling online appointments.

Each student will need to complete all of the following sections and submit their checklist before obtaining access to appointments.

Step #1 Watch Career Success Videos

Resume Tips
This module will provide you a basic understanding of how to structure your resume and draft or edit your current resume.

See Video

Viterbi Career Gateway
A simple tutorial to help you navigate Viterbi Career Gateway, a powerful job & internship search tool available ONLY to Viterbi students.

See Video

Step # 2 Create/Edit Your Resume

Resume Checklist

Self-critique your resume to edit and approve your overall content and format

Print Checklist

Review each item in the check-boxes, and update your resume accordingly

Click Here

Cover Letter Checklist

Draft and review your cover letter to identify why you are a qualified candidate for their company

Print Checklist

Review each item in the check-boxes, and update your cover letter accordingly

Click Here

Review Sample Resumes

Take a look at the following samples to decide the appropriate look and format for your resume

Resume Samples

Remember these are just samples, please do not copy everything word for word.

Click Here

Step #3 Obtain a Virtual Resume Review


Utilize a 24/7 Virtual Resume Feedback System to help you improve your resume on YOUR schedule by submitting your resume on VMock for a personalized review. Please complete the following Instructions:

Visit the USC Vmock website
Click on “Login using your USC NetID”
Enter your USC username and password (the same you use for Blackboard)
Upload your resume and make edits based on feedback until you reach a score of 80% or higher.

All Alumni are REQUIRED to bring PRINTED copies of the following if they are meeting their career advisor in-person:

  1. Resume &/or Cover Letter tailored to a specific job description & copy of the job posting (yes you need to bring a cover letter, even if the jobs you are applying to are not asking for them)
  2. Resume and Cover Letter Checklist with all boxes completed
  3. A screenshot or any other visual to show your VMock score is above 80% with your name in it

We cannot print any of these documents in the Career Connections Office

Do you still have specific questions?

  • Complete all instructions above, and submit your documents to . Once our office reviews your documents, we will then update your account to schedule appointments on Viterbi Career Gateway.
  • Obtain writing and grammatical assistance from the Writing Center to review your Resume and Cover Letter in Taper Hall 216


Most job seekers don’t recognize that the majority of jobs are filled by some form of networking while job searching. Networking is one of the best way a job seeker can improve their job search and connect with potential future employers. Alumni should take advantage of the many opportunities in professional meet-up groups, professional associations, Alumni Mixers, job fairs (LA Tech Fair) and events hosted directly by companies that are open to the public:

  • Alumni Panels
    Industry Networking
    Career Fairs off-campus
    Young Professionals Group
    Research Fairs & Symposiums
    Faculty Mentoring
  • Virtual Career Fairs
    Company Hosted events
    Company site tours
    Virtual Info Sessions

We encourage all Alumni to engage both on campus for Alumni events and office campus networking opportunities to enhance your professional contacts and career development. Please make sure you check your top companies’ website to see what events they are offering directly.

There are no currently scheduled events that meet your criteria.



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