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We encourage all graduate students to join student organizations throughout USC. Organizations exist for multiple affiliations, interests, professions, and more. USC has more than 800 student organizations that host programs, events, seminars, and other gatherings. Below are the major Viterbi organizations and links to other USC student organizations. Please also visit the information about your Viterbi Graduate Student Liaison (VGSL).

The purpose of the VGSA is to provide a forum to promote interaction among the graduate students of the USC Viterbi School of Engineering, and whenever possible, to address students’ needs and concerns. Every graduate student in the USC Viterbi School of Engineering is a member of VGSA; membership is free and automatic. VGSA sponsors and organizes an engineering orientation, specifically for Viterbi graduate students, an VGSA Banquet during Engineering Week (E-Week) and other department specific events.
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 A message from VGSA…
Welcome to the USC Viterbi School of Engineering! We, the Viterbi Graduate Student Association (VGSA), are glad that you have chosen to join our family of Trojans. With such a large and diverse population at USC, students are presented with the opportunity to enrich their experience by learning about the many different cultures. Last year, USC hosted over 5,500 international students from 115 different countries. Learning to understand and respect cultures that are different from your own provides you with invaluable skills that are needed in the real world.

The Engineering profession is becoming increasingly important in today’s technology-driven world. As a result, the Viterbi School of Engineering has continually been growing and evolving. Students may find it a challenge to become acclimated and involved in such a large Engineering community.

And this is where VGSA comes into play. VGSA promotes interaction among the graduate students of the Viterbi School of Engineering with various academic and social activities. Some of our activities provide cultural awareness, such as Chinese Moon Festival, Music of the World, and Beverages of the World. While other activities provide fun and excitement, such as the VGSA Banquet, Tailgate, and Jorge Cham Talk. Most importantly, at all of these activities, graduate engineering students can meet fellow engineering students.

VGSA also tries to address the needs and concerns of graduate engineering students. We have senators representing each engineering department and a graduate student liaison. Each board member is focused on providing specialized assistance for the graduate students of Viterbi.

VGSA is always here to support you while you are part of the Viterbi School. Join our community of engineers and become involved!

Fight On!

The Viterbi Graduate Student Liaison (VGSL) provides the support for the VGSA as the liaison to the administrative areas of the Viterbi School.

Ghena, Alhanaee
Civil Engineering, PhD student

I was born in Bordeaux, France and moved shortly after to Abu Dhabi, UAE where I spent the remainder of my childhood years. I completed my Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering at The Petroleum Institute in Abu Dhabi. Upon graduation, I moved to California as a Research Fellow at NASA Ames Research Center and then as a Graduate Student at Stanford University, where I obtained my Masters of Science in Energy Resources Engineering. I then decided it was time to move down the coast and pursue my PhD in Civil Engineering at USC.

I love traveling, experiencing new places and getting to know different cultures.

I am excited to serve as the Viterbi Graduate Student Liaison for 2016-2017 and be the link between students and administration.

New to campus? Confused about a policy? Looking for an internship? Or simply want to chat with another student? You’ve come to the right place! Feel free to email me with your concerns at or drop by during my office hours, and I’ll be happy to assist!


USC has more than 800 student organizations, which are responsible for the majority of programs and events held on campus, including concerts, lectures, special events, spirit rallies, cultural and social events, and conferences.

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Campus Involvement

Get involved in opportunities with the campus from outreach and mentorship programs to student organizations and interest groups.

GAPP Office Blog
Regular news and announcements to all Viterbi graduate students. Make sure to subscribe as we also post opportunities for scholarships, jobs, and internships.

USC Graduate Student Government

Graduate Student Shop (SSC 109)
The College/Viterbi Graduate Student Machine Shop is a shared facility intended to provide graduate students and postdocs direct access to basic machining equipment necessary to conduct research. All work done in the Shop must be related to either funded research or graduate student theses.

USC Volunteer Center
As part of Campus Activities, the Volunteer Center is dedicated to promoting service within USC, the greater Los Angeles area, and the global community as a whole. The Volunteer Center’s programs are primarily student-run and student-led.

PressFriends 2017 (photos)
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Viterbi Mentorship Program(photos)
Incoming graduate students get paired with current graduate students to help with the transition to studying at USC and having fun.
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