The Viterbi Admission and Student Engagement (VASE) Office supports our veteran, active duty and military connected students. Our work is led by the 8 keys in supporting veterans as they pursue their education and employment goals. The VASE office works in collaboration with USC central offices and Viterbi departments to support our veterans and military connected community. 

Veterans Administration Benefits

The USC Veterans Certification Office (VCO) certifies enrollment for USC Students who are eligible for educational assistance administered by the Veteran's administration. They oversee the application for semester enrollment (ASE) process. The ASE process is done each semester. USC VCO is the main point of contact for any verification questions.

Review the USC Veterans Certification Office website for information on eligibility and more information on how to file.

Current Students

Military Student Community

Call to Active Duty

Students who are called for active duty or deployment should contact their professor and academic advisor. The process will depend on the time in the semester. Please review the VCO office for details instructions.

    If you receive deployment orders before the add/ drop deadline:

    You can review semester deadlines on the schedule of classes under registration calendar.

    Published on November 17th, 2021

    Last updated on July 7th, 2022