International Students Needed for Research Study:

October 2, 2017

International Students Needed for Research Study:
My name is Julie Kocsis and I am currently enrolled at USC as an international student and am conducting research on acculturation and its impact on post graduate students. The focus of my study will be centered around how international students adapt and adjust to their new culture in the post graduate learning environment. As part of this research process, I will be observing classes in which international students are enrolled to learn more about their social behavior and adaptation to learning in a foreign setting.

If you are willing to participate, I could interview in person or via email if need be. This process would take no longer than an hour. In addition, I would like to observe students in their classroom learning environment. This is an area I am extremely interested in, as I am going through the same experience.

Please contact me at for more information and to sign-up.

Published on October 2nd, 2017

Last updated on October 2nd, 2017