University Policies

All USC students, faculty, and staff must abide by USC policies. The policies for students can be reviewed on SCampus. SCampus describes general campus policies, academic integrity, and community conduct expectations. The USC Catalogue provides information regarding academic expectations.
The USC Catalogue is a document that upholds the university and academic policies. The USC Catalogue is published annually and may have subtle changes every year. The catalogue provides information regarding policies, rules, regulations, requirements for graduation, course offerings, and any other content provided.

The catalogue is described as the “document of authority” or contact with the student and university. Meaning the information provided in the catalogue is primary to other documents published such as bulletins, newsletters, etc provided by departments.

When reviewing the USC Catalogue, use the one published the year you started attending USC. This is viewed as your “catalogue year” and your degree requirements will be based on the information listed in the catalogue.


Viterbi Code of Integrity highlights the expectation for students to maintain a community of honor and knowledge through academic integrity.

Viterbi Academic Probation Policy


Effective Fall 2007

All USC students are expected to maintain satisfactory progress in their pursuit of an advanced degree. The Viterbi School of Engineering has established the following policy and procedures for those students who fail to meet the GPA requirements of their program of study:

Support Services

Office of Student Accessibility Services (OSAS)

OSAS provides services to students in need of assistance through academic accommodations. Students who would like to use this service must self-identify and submit a letter of accommodation through MyOSAS.

Academic Advancement Workshop for Viterbi Masters Students on Academic Probation

The Viterbi VASE office offered an Academic Advancement workshop in Spring 2023 to support our Masters students who are currently on Academic Probation. This workshop was designed to both inform students on Viterbi's Academic Probation and Dismissal process, as well as provide support and guidance for maintaining personal and academic wellness both during and after a semester on Academic Probation.

Link to Academic Advancement Workshop Recording

Link to Academic Advancement Workshop Slides

Kortschak Center

The Kortschak Center for Learning and Creativity provides various resources to ensure student success regardless of their learning differences.

Lifestyle Redesign for College Students

Is a resource provided by our occupational therapist from USC Chan Division of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy to help college students build healthy sustainable habits and routines while managing stress, social anxiety, and mental and emotional fatigue. This service is available to all USC students with health insurance but will still need to pay a copayment.

USC Student Judicial Affairs and Community Standards (SJACS)

The Student Judicial Affairs and Community Standards monitors and governs Judicial Process for USC students and faculty.

They review cases of student misconduct such as suspension, expulsion, revocation of degree or admission, or dismissal from the program. They also maintain confidentiality and report student disciplinary records as outlined in the University’s policy concerning Student Education Records.

Published on October 25th, 2021

Last updated on March 2nd, 2023