Young Researchers Program Outreach

March 14, 2019

USC’s Young Researchers Program is recruiting new mentors for the summer of 2019. For the past 10 years, YRP has mentored over 100 high school students to successfully conduct research in a collegiate setting. We welcome mentors from all backgrounds in STEM. Our mission statement: “To provide motivated high school students from neighborhoods around USC the opportunity to learn about STEM fields and complete their own scientific research project.”

With the help of graduate students, post-docs, and faculty supervisors, high school students near the greater USC-area are mentored for about 5 weeks. The goal is to complete a small project (designed by the mentor) to be presented among other students. If you are interested in mentoring a student (or know someone in your lab who is) here are some important details:
• March 22nd- Mentor Commitment Deadline
• June 5th – Mentor orientation (mandatory)
• June 19th – Mentee orientation (optional for mentors to meet mentee)
• June 24th – Mentees start working in the labs (flexible if you’re out of town)
• August 2nd – Poster Symposium
• High school students will be supervised for 15 hours per week; how that time is split in the lab, is up to the supervising mentor
• Mentors receive a personal $300 stipend and $200 lab-supply reimbursement for participating in the program.
• All mentors and Lab’s Principal Investigators MUST sign an online agreement form to participate. No exceptions.
• All mentors must complete an online mandated reporter training for working with minors.
If you would like to mentor a student please email me
or sign the form

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions.


Shai Porat
YRP Outreach Coordinator

Published on March 14th, 2019

Last updated on March 14th, 2019