Viterbi Graduate Mentorship Program – Accepting New Mentors

August 3, 2023

The Viterbi Graduate Mentor-ship Program invites you to be a mentor for new Master’s students.
Application for the mentoring program is now open!

This program is designed to help new graduate students adjust to life at USC by pairing new students with current Viterbi graduate students. Various events and networking opportunities will be accessible to mentors. We are seeking mentors to volunteer to help incoming students. Please make sure to review benefits, responsibilities, and eligibility on the Viterbi Graduate Mentorship Program website before you apply.

Steps to Apply:

1. Learn about the benefits and responsibilities of the program.
2. Click here to start the registration process for the program.
3. Choose “USC NETID(students)” option to login.
4. Choose to join a mentoring program and make sure to select the “Graduate Mentorship Program”.
5. Choose to join as “Mentor”. It is recommended to select maximum of 3 mentees.
6. Create your profile on Viterbi Link.
7. Click the “Mentoring Program” on the top menu and select the “Graduate Mentorship Program”.
8. Once you see your request is “Pending Approval” on the program page, you have completed the application.
9. We will match you with new students and notify you by Viterbi Link and USC email.

Published on August 3rd, 2023

Last updated on August 3rd, 2023