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Instructors using Ed Discussion save considerable time compared to traditional email and forums.

  • Fewer direct emails sent to staff
  • Fewer duplicate questions being asked
  • Students often answer each other's questions
  • Questions can reach and benefit the whole class
  • Easier to express ideas with equations, runnable code, and more
  • Higher-quality questions and less back and forth with thread templates

Given the new challenges involved in remote and hybrid teaching, the tool is especially useful for instructors and TAs. Ed Discussion can be used across disciplines, whether CS, Arts, Math, Econ, History, Science, Engineering, et. al. Instructors and top universities across the US, Australia, Asia, and Europe are using Ed to reduce emails and save time.



Ed Discussion website: https://edstem.org/

Quick Start Guide: Please view the quick "Getting Started" guide here -  ed-discussion (PDF)

Questions? Please reach out to Ed Discussion Support at support@edstem.org

Published on January 11th, 2021

Last updated on August 18th, 2021