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DateTitleDescriptionZoom RegistrationPanopto Recording
2/2/24Streamlining Assessments with GradescopeGradescope is a cutting-edge grading platform that seamlessly integrates with educational systems, enhancing grading efficiency and fairness. It supports a broad spectrum of assessments, including digital and handwritten formats, and leverages AI for streamlined grading. Customizable rubrics and group submission features promote transparency and collaboration. The platform enriches feedback quality and utilizes analytics to reveal student and class performance insights. An interactive Q&A with experts enhances its practical application understanding, positioning Gradescope as an essential tool for educators aiming to improve grading practices and student outcomes.View
2/9/24Learn more about Piazza DiscussionsPiazza is designed to foster a collaborative learning environment where students can actively engage by asking questions and receiving answers from both peers and instructors. Its cornerstone is the question-and-answer format that promotes a deeper grasp of course content through active participation. Anonymity in posting is a standout feature, encouraging more students to participate by mitigating the fear of public questioning, thereby fostering an inclusive atmosphere conducive to learning. Further enhancing its educational value, the platform allows instructors to endorse answers, ensuring students access accurate and reliable information. This endorsement mechanism is vital for maintaining educational integrity and quality control within the platform's shared content.View
2/16/24Learn more about EdStem DiscussionsEdStem centers around its interactive discussion boards, enabling students to ask questions, participate in discussions, and collaborate on solutions, thereby nurturing a community-focused learning atmosphere. It also caters to programming and computer science courses with integrated coding environments, where students can directly write, test, and submit code on the platform. Additionally, EdStem provides instructors with real-time feedback and analytics on student engagement and comprehension, facilitating the customization of teaching approaches. These analytics also offer valuable insights into overall class performance and individual student progress, making EdStem a comprehensive tool for both learning and teaching in dynamic academic settings.View

Published on July 11th, 2017

Last updated on February 5th, 2024