The May 10th, 2019 Commencement Ceremony is for students who complete their degree requirement in December 2018, May 2019 and August 2019.

To participate out of cycle, please use this request form

Main Commencement Ceremony

Date: Friday, May 10th, 2019
Processional Begins: 8:30AM
Location: Alumni Memorial Park

USC Main Commencement Website

USC Viterbi Master’s Ceremonies

Viterbi Master’s Ceremony 1

Viterbi Master’s Ceremony 2

Date: Friday, May 10th, 2019
Location: Galen Center
Speaker: Dr. Ali Velshi


2:00PM: Student Check-in / Doors Open for Guests
2:30PM:  Processional Begins
3:00PM: Ceremony Begins
5:00PM: Ceremony Ends

Date: Friday, May 10th, 2019
Location: Shrine Auditorium
Speaker: Dr. Luiz Barroso

6:00PM: Student Check in / Doors Open for Guests
6:45PM: Processional Begins
7:00PM: Ceremony Begins
9:00PM: Ceremony Ends

Student Information

  • As is standard with events at arenas and large venues, all guests must go through a metal detector to enter the ceremony
  • The following items are prohibited in the satellite ceremony venues: backpacks, balloons, fog horns, whistles and other noise makers. Graduates will not be allowed to enter the venue with these objects. All such objects will be confiscated at the door.
    • Graduates cannot bring bags, flowers, balloons, etc. into the Galen Center or Shrine Auditorium. Leave them in your car or at home as they will be confiscated at the door.
  • No shouting or whistling during the ceremony.
  • We ask that you show support and respect for your fellow classmates by remaining for the entire ceremony.
  • Wear your regalia.
  • Wear comfortable shoes – you’ll be walking a lot throughout the day.
  • What to bring: camera, water (or money for water), sunglasses & sunscreen for main ceremony.
  • To sit with your friends at the Viterbi Master’s Commencement Ceremony, line up in front of and behind people you want to sit with.