Rowland Fellows

July 16, 2019

Harvard Rowland Fellowship

The Rowland Institute at Harvard is seeking applications for Rowland Fellowships for the 2020 Academic year.

We seek the best young experimentalists in all fields of science and engineering. The Rowland Fellowship provides an opportunity to work in the rich intellectual environment at Harvard and the surrounding area, while establishing an independent program. As a scientific leader, we value your opinion and ask that you help us develop the careers of talented young scientists and engineers. We welcome applications from candidates with newly awarded doctorates or with up to three years postdoctoral experience.

The Rowland Fellowship provides an excellent opportunity to pursue new research ideas. The pursuit of new ideas is facilitated by a flexible and agile environment. The Fellowship provides laboratory space, funding for equipment, personnel, and general operations. Staff scientists and engineers work with the Rowland Fellows to design and fabricate new experimental set-ups. Additional shared facilities are also available through Harvard.

The application deadline is Aug. 16, 2019. The selection process will be completed in October 2019 after a symposium series of talks by finalists on Monday afternoon, September 30th, and interviews on Tuesday, October 1st, all day at the Institute.

Detailed application information is available here!

Published on July 16th, 2019

Last updated on January 19th, 2021