Welcome 2020 Spring Students!

January 29, 2020

On January 8th & 9th, USC Viterbi School of Engineering hosted the Spring 2020 Viterbi Master’s Student Orientation, which focuses on introducing students to college services that will support their educational and personal goals at USC. The orientation has over 650 new master’s students in attendance. During the orientation, Speakers and Facilitators from different offices and departments shared the valuable experience of academic, career, and daily-life at USC. 


During the day, new master students not only had the opportunity to learn information about campus life but also to make new friends. They attended various sessions to discuss the topic and develop their own opinions. The topic includes the Viterbi Community of Honor and Department Orientation. Sessions lasted 90 minutes. In the Department Orientation, Students met their department advisor and learned how to register the class, apply D-clearance, etc. While in the Viterbi Community of Honor session, the student learned the Honor Code that the actions of one of them represent them all; Excellence is their endeavors.  

Right after students completed their session in the morning, the Viterbi School of engineering prepared a buffet for students. During lunchtime, the VASE office made an ice breaker sheet to each of the students so they can know more about each other, the student talked to each other and shared information that the learned in the orientation. After lunch, students went to the other sessions, and then international students had an extra session that provides the useful advisement of things to notice as international students. Then the student orientation adjourned successfully. 

Published on January 29th, 2020

Last updated on April 2nd, 2021