DEN Petition

DEN Petition

On-Campus Students

The DEN Petition is a petition to request registration in the DEN section of a course. DEN sections are reserved for students formally admitted to the DEN@Viterbi program. Registration in DEN sections is not guaranteed. DEN Petition approval does not change your status to DEN@Viterbi. Your status remains on-campus. You just have approval to register in the DEN section as an on-campus student for a specific term. 


Review DEN eligibility before submitting a DEN petition:


DEN Petition Eligibility

DEN Petition Eligibility for Domestic Students

  • Viterbi on-campus students, undergraduate and graduate who cannot attend a class on campus.
    • Undergraduate students: VASE Academic Services approval required.
  • Non-Viterbi on-campus students or students in Non-Viterbi online programs.
    • Viterbi Academic Department graduate advisor approval to take the Engineering course as a non-Viterbi student required.

DEN Petition Eligibility for International Students

  • International students with Internships.
    • CPT approval and registration in ENGR-596/7/8 is required before a DEN Petition can be submitted.
  • International students outside of the U.S.
  • PDP students must have completed their BS degree or will complete their BS degree in the term prior to the requested term to be eligible to submit the DEN Petition.
    • PDP students who will complete their BS degree in a future term will need VASE Academic Services approval to take a course on DEN.

    Students who are unable to continue their program in-person for Fall 2022 and need to continue their program from abroad as non-F-1 students and not in the U.S. must submit the Request for Temporary Lift of Registration Hold to OIS for review before submitting the DEN Petition.

    You can access the form via the OIS Passport Verification (PPV) website:

      Not Eligible for DEN Petition

      On-campus section is full. Any student waiting to get into an on-campus section of a course that is full or closed.

      • DEN@Viterbi sections cannot be used as overflow for full on-campus sections.
      • If it is your final semester and the course is required, please work with your academic advisor to find alternative options.

      Time Conflict. Any student waiting to get into an on-campus section of a course that has a course time conflict.

      • DEN@Viterbi sections do not override course time conflicts with on-campus sections. DEN sections are scheduled at the same day/time as their on-campus counterpart.
      • The student should pursue the time conflict between the two on-campus sections via the Time Conflict Form.

      State and Territory Authorizations

      USC must be authorized to deliver online programs to students residing in certain states that require state authorization. Prior to enrolling in classes, students petitioning to take courses on DEN@Viterbi (online) in the United States need to confirm that their academic program is authorized by their state for online delivery. Your program may not be authorized in all states and therefore if you move, you may not be able to continue in the program. Should you plan to move, please contact well in advance to determine your options for continuing this program. A list of states where your program is currently authorized is available at the State Authorizations page. If your state is not listed, your DEN petition will not be approved. If you have any questions about a specific state or academic program, please email

      DEN Petition Process


      After 10-12 business days, you can check your DEN Petition Status online.

      Delays in processing often caused due to:

      • Incomplete DEN Petition
      • DEN International Proctor Packet missing or not approved
      • Courses requested not approved for degree program
      • Course availability
      • Registration holds
      • Additional approval required

      Submit DEN Petition

      Once you have reviewed DEN eligibility and the petition process, submit your DEN Petition. Incomplete requests will be denied. Processing time is 5 business days. We cannot expedite the process. Delays in processing may occur. Please refer to the DEN Petition Process section for factors that cause delays.

      DEN Petition Approval

      • Priority for DEN Courses by petition is given to students who are:  
        1.  Final semester students requesting an approved course within their academic department.
        2. On-campus USC Viterbi students requesting an approved course within their academic department.


      DEN@Viterbi Petition Overview

      Review our DEN@Viterbi Petition Overview for detailed information about the petition process.

      DEN@Viterbi Petition Presentation


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