Homework and Exams

Homework and Exam policies and procedures for distance students.

If you are a new DEN@Viterbi student, please read both sections carefully by clicking the two tabs below.  If you have any questions about submitting assignments or taking exams as a remote student, please don’t hesitate to contact our offices.

Off-campus DEN students will upload assignments via D2L dropboxes. Graded assignments are also returned as feedback forms in D2L.

DEN does not process homework for on campus students.

D2L DEN Homework Guide

Technical Support Center
Hours: Monday-Friday 7:00AM-10:00PM
Contact information:

    • The DEN Exam Coordinator notifies students via e‐mail of their examination date, time, and location approximately one week before a test date.
    • Midterm exam dates are announced by the course instructor.
    • Final exam dates are available on the university website’s Schedule of Classes.
The student is responsible for taking the examination at the time scheduled. No exceptions are permitted. Unforeseen, documented, emergency circumstances which cause a student to miss a scheduled exam will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
For off‐campus students who work or reside in Los Angeles, Orange and Ventura counties, examinations will be taken at USC’s main campus on the date and time stated on the course syllabus.
For off‐campus students located outside of Los Angeles, Orange and Ventura counties, DEN will arrange for exams to be proctored at local testing centers. These centers are usually open during standard business hours of 9am‐5pm local time and frequently charge a fee for their services. Professional testing centers are not affiliated with USC and administer exams for DEN as a professional courtesy.

Proctoring fees should be paid to the testing center and are due at the time of the examination. Fees will vary from location to location and are paid by the student directly to the testing center.

    • Examinations administered at authorized testing centers must be held at, or as close as possible to, the same time that the examination is taken by students on campus.
    • DEN will identify and coordinate with local testing centers and notify students and proctors of the examination date, time and location. To accommodate students in other time zones, or if there is a conflict with testing center hours, the examination may be given at a time different from on‐campus. In these cases, the examination will take place as close to the actual on‐campus examination time as possible.
In keeping with university policy for all students, students are not permitted to miss or relocate an exam because of vacation. DEN will not schedule make‐up or alternate location exams due to students’ personal vacations.
    • In the event of mandatory business travel, students are still required to take the exam at an authorized testing center. The student must inform the Exams Coordinator of the mandatory business travel destination at least two weeks in advance so that necessary proctoring arrangements can be made.
    • A letter from the student’s supervisor on company letterhead is required in advance to verify mandatory business travel during the date(s) of the exam. The letter must include the supervisor’s signature, title and contact information. Please scan this letter and email to the Exam Coordinator at denexam@usc.edu and mail the original to DEN.
Failure to give advance notice for business travel may result in DEN’s inability to support your request.
If you have any DEN Exams questions you may contact the DEN Exam Coordinator at (213)740‐9356 or denexam@usc.edu.