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Student Organizations

We encourage all graduate students to join student organizations throughout USC. Organizations exist for multiple affiliations, interests, professions, and more. USC has more than 800 student organizations that host programs, events, seminars, and other gatherings. Below are the major Viterbi organizations and links to other USC student organizations. Please also visit the information about your Viterbi Graduate Student Liaison (VGSL).

Campus Involvement

Get involved in opportunities with the campus from outreach and mentorship programs to student organizations and interest groups.

Viterbi Virtual Café!
Now open, Viterbi Virtual Café!
Café hours: 24/7
Serving BS, MS, & PhD Viterbi students. Come to study, chat, and meet others. Community Guidelines As a member of the USC Viterbi Community, it is important to uphold a code of honor and integrity. All community spaces, physical and virtual, in alignment with USC policy , should demonstrate a safe and productive work and learning environment, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Harassment and discrimination have no place in community spaces. Report inappropriate behavior to,, or

VASE Office Blog
Regular news and announcements to all Viterbi graduate students. Make sure to subscribe as we also post opportunities for scholarships, jobs, and internships.

USC Graduate Student Government

Graduate Student Shop (SSC 109)
The College/Viterbi Graduate Student Machine Shop is a shared facility intended to provide graduate students and postdocs direct access to basic machining equipment necessary to conduct research. All work done in the Shop must be related to either funded research or graduate student theses.

Viterbi Mentorship Program
Incoming graduate students get paired with current graduate students to help with the transition to studying at USC and having fun.

USC Volunteer Center
As part of Campus Activities, the Volunteer Center is dedicated to promoting service within USC, the greater Los Angeles area, and the global community as a whole. The Volunteer Center’s programs are primarily student-run and student-led.

PressFriends 2017 (photos)
PressFriends partnered with USC Viterbi School of Engineering

Published on June 4th, 2017

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