DEN@Viterbi Current Students

Course Registration

Step 1
Identify Required Courses

Review the schedule of classes and university catalog to confirm the courses that you will enroll in for the semester.

Step 2
Obtain D-clearance

Submit your d-clearance request before the semester begins.

 Click here for step-by-step instructions on How to Request D-Clearance

Step 3
Register via web registration
Register for the course using web registration.
Step 4
Settle Tuition and Fees

All fee's must be paid through USC's payment system. Confirm that health insurance and tuition refund insurance has been waived before making your payment.

DEN@Viterbi courses require departmental clearance (d-clearance) to enroll. DEN@Viterbi students can request d-clearance on MyViterbi through the D-Clearance Request Manager. Requests are processed in 1-2 business days after the day you submit your request. 

How to Request DEN D-clearance

Prior to submitting your request:

  • Confirm your web registration appointment.
  • Resolve any pending holds on your account.
  • Review course for pre-requisites and placement exams.

Student Resources

Technical Support

DEN maintains its own dedicated help desk and IT support services. The help desk provides phone, email, and remote desktop support to all students and faculty participating courses offered through DEN@Viterbi.

Homework and Exams
The Homework and Exams team supports testing center coordination and questions regarding submitting assignments or exams. Please visit their website for detailed information regarding homework and exam policies. 
Course Offerings

DEN@Viterbi course offerings are listed by academic department and can be reviewed in the link above. If a course is not listed, the course is not offered via DEN@Viterbi.

Academic Advising
DEN@Viterbi Students have access to VASE Graduate Academic Services Advisors and their Academic Department Advisors.

DEN@Viterbi State Authorizations

USC must be authorized to deliver online programs to students residing in certain states that requires state authorization. Prior to enrolling in classes, DEN@Viterbi (online) students in the United States need to confirm that their academic program is authorized by their state for online delivery. Your program may not be authorized in all states and therefore if you move, you may not be able to continue in the program. Should you plan to move, please contact well in advance to determine your options for continuing this program. A list of states where your program is currently authorized is available at the State Authorizations page.

Questions: If you have any questions about a specific state or academic program, please email

DEN@Viterbi Ambassador Program

As a DEN@Viterbi Ambassador you can become an advocate of your USC Viterbi experience and academic program. Ambassadors engage in the following opportunities:

  • Share your DEN@Viterbi experience with professional colleagues and prospective graduate students
  • Connect with fellow DEN@Viterbi Ambassadors, current Viterbi students, alumni and staff
  • Inspire future DEN@Viterbi students by serving as an advocate for DEN@Viterbi and the Viterbi school
  • Become a leader within the USC Viterbi community

Visit the DEN@Viterbi Ambassador Program page for more information on becoming an embassador.

Additional Information

Published on September 21st, 2023

Last updated on April 8th, 2024