Training Options for New DEN@Viterbi Students

Welcome to Distance Education Network. We want to ensure you have the best online learning experience during your academic career. Let us provide you with a training session, where you'll learn all the features of D2L Brightspace. In addition, you'll get to learn many of the resources available only within an online classroom.

Please watch this short video to learn D2L Brightspace basics as a student.  If you would like to attend a live group training session, proceed to Step 1 below.

Schedule appointment for a group training session:

Click here to make an appointment.

We advise signing up for training only after you have registered for your first DEN course and can access it on D2L Brightspace. The training can be interactive- you can navigate throughout the learning management system on your own, as we show you the different areas and tools within.

  • Spaces are limited, so please do your best to keep your scheduled appointment.
  • If you must cancel, visit the "View Appointment Details" link in your confirmation email at least 12 hours before your meeting. Within 12 hours, email to request cancellation.

Published on June 20th, 2017

Last updated on September 20th, 2023