Fall 2022 Academic Year 
The Fall 2022 semester and academic year will be in person at USC but systems are in place to address changing conditions and policies. Information below is meant to prepare classrooms and instructional operations with the option to pivot to in person and online modes as needed and approved. Faculty teaching in a DEN enabled classroom for this academic year will receive additional information and support resources for their DEN courses. Please see important notes and updates below along with the detailed sections below.

DEN courses are hosted at our D2L Brightspace site http://courses.uscden.net. All lectures are recorded and posted to your course page by DEN. If you or your teaching assistant have not received this information or have any follow up questions, contact DEN's Instructional Services Team in OHE 118 or Telephone number: (213) 821-1321 email: denisc@usc.edu.


  • Per Erik Johnson Memo, USC Viterbi will start the Fall 2022 semester in person and back to usual pre-pandemic instruction modality.

To:  Viterbi Faculty, Staff and Students

From:  Erik A. Johnson, Vice Dean for Academic Programs

Date:  August 9, 2022

Subject:  Fall 2022 Semester Update

Welcome back to a new academic year!  At this time, we expect that Viterbi classes for the Fall 2022 Semester will be back to the usual pre-pandemic instruction modality.

On-campus students — namely undergraduate students, non-DEN master’s students, and doctoral students — will be expected to return to fully in-person classes.

For our international students, the USC Office of International Services (OIS) recently announced a Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) update that continues last year’s SEVP guidelines (i.e., on-campus international students must be enrolled in at least one in-person class).

Regarding the possibility of remote attendance in Viterbi classes:

  • Viterbi will not offer online options for non-DEN courses (except for very rare exceptions).
  • International master’s students who are unable to attend in-person, due to visa issues or travel restrictions, will have the option to enroll in DEN-enabled classes through the DEN petition process; alternately, continuing students may take leaves of absence, and new students may defer enrollment to start in the Spring semester by updating their admission term.
  • On-campus students who test positive for COVID or are required to isolate should not attend class; Viterbi faculty should continue to grant make-up accommodations as per university health policy (following normal pre-COVID practices).
  • A faculty member who tests positive for COVID or is required to isolate should either reschedule the class, work with the department to have someone else teach, or teach remotely during that short duration.

Students who have medical concerns should be referred to the Office of Student Accessibility Services (OSAS) and the Fall 2022 guidance on their website (osas.usc.edu).

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to your department/program or our VASE advising team.

  • Faculty and all students can access the live synchronous session links from our D2L Brightspace course site this semester. We realize that changing health conditions may require on campus students to participate remotely. You can access your live class by clicking on the Virtual Meetings link located within the main menu of your course homepage.
  • Teaching additional classes in nonDEN classrooms? See sections below.
  • On campus students in classes with DEN@Viterbi sections that need accommodations should be sent to our DEN Technical Services Center at dentsc@usc.edu. We will coordinate approved services with the faculty and student.
  • Classroom facilities and online instructional tools orientations - Please visit our DEN@Viterbi Instructional Support to review DEN-specific updates and for additional resources. We also offer 1-on-1 virtual or in-person classroom technology overview. To schedule virtual training please go to our appointment calendar at https://viterbi.as.me/denisc. If you would like to look at your assigned classroom to review all technology, please contact denisc@usc.edu to set up an in-person appointment.
  • Exams: We ask all faculty to be mindful that in person exams will create some challenges for online students post pandemic as many in person proctoring sites no longer offer this service. Please see the exams section below.  In the event that a proctored exam is necessary and online students have difficulty accessing approved proctors, we will coordinate online proctoring options for your class and online students and can also implement live proctoring during class through WebEx/Zoom. Faculty can contact our instructional services team to review assessment options this academic year and contact us as soon as possible for arrangements and requirements for online students.

Published on March 8th, 2020

Last updated on September 20th, 2023